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The Giving World

This book welcomes an intentional world for all.

This book was created with two co-creators, and 26 talented illustrators with a world wide reach. 


Each page is filled with woven reminders of the simple joys and love that surround us all.

Our hope is that we inspire, motivate, connect, share, and remind our Giving World, we are better together, no matter how far apart we may seem.

This book was first created from an intentional list of topics that the two co-creators wanted to include or convey throughout The Giving World book.  Once Heather and Leigha put together a plan, they started to reach out to illustrators that their art impacted hearts and gave their own unique style and illustrated story to our book in the works.  


One fun creative twist about this book, is it was written after the illustrations were submitted.  We started with a purpose, a vision, motivation, and a whole lot of trust that we hired the right people, allowing this book to flow in a beautiful and cohesive manner.  With the final result, we couldn't be happier with how this beautiful book came together.


Love  Lottery

About the Author

With  love, purpose, and warmth, Leigha invites you into her world with her heartfelt story.   She is certain this message will resonate with you long after the pages of Love Lottery are tucked away.  Leigha is forever thankful, as she has won the Love Lottery more than once!  As Leigha guides her LOVE LOTTERIES into the unknown, she always wants her love to be known, believing we are at our best when we feel loved.  Leigha believes intention and words are the guiding force in life.  Her deep benevolence fuels her creativity; masterfully melding both intention and words.  She proudly presents you a loving, purposeful, and powerful book to be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

May your welcomes and love be abundant throughout this journey of life. 

About the Illustrator

This talented soul displays her art all over her warm and quaint home as well as the homes of many!  This was a new endeavor for Melanie and we are excited to announce this is Melanie's first Children's Book!  Welcome to the world of imagination, creativity, outlets and wonder through the eyes and talents of the incredible Melanie Darling! 


PS... Leigha can't thank you enough for the thoughtful hard work!  She definitely won the Illustrator Lottery with Melanie!


Love Lottery



Love Lottery Dedication page

To honor you, you have to honor others

To honor love, you have to honor loss

To honor success, you have to honor failure

To honor unknowns, you have to honor knowns.

To honor dreams, you have to honor change.

To honor comfort, you have to honor discomfort.

To honor happy, you have to honor sad


I honor you, in your journey of love, success, unknowns, dreams, comfort, and happiness. 

And I honor all you have had to go through to get there.