An award-winning, touching children’s book with a sincere message; LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Filled with wishes, welcomes, and gratitude throughout.

This is NOT just another children's book.  This book is my heart and soul penned on paper with a tender message: Love Conquers All! 

Order you exclusive 1st edition hardcover 10"x 10" with foil accents on InDemand today, so together we can share this message with the world!

(We are so excited to share this beautiful book with you)

Love  Lottery


Sharing the Power of Love...

Have you ever felt pain? The kind that feels like your heart has been shattered into a million pieces? 

Everyone has gone through some sort of turmoil in their life, including you and me.  My struggle was one that few others will ever really know the true depth.  While one day I may find the courage to share my story, for now, it will remain close to my heart.

The message of this book is not about sorrow, pain, or trauma. The uplifting message of Love Lottery is that no matter what happens, love can carry us through just about anything...

Don’t buy this book because you need another typical children’s book.  Buy it because you want to share the message of love and show your child that love can conquer all!

For me, my hard times turned to gratitude when I looked at these precious gifts of young innocence and celebrated them- my Love Lotteries.

I'm confident you will feel my loving intention and connect to this story, as it is now a piece of all of us to share. Please visit my InDemand page now and reserve your 1st edition hardcover copy.


Along with Kirkus and Readers' Favorite

Beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme, the author lovingly expresses the depth of a mother's love. The story is heartwarming and was a delightful read."

—  Julie H.


About the Author

With  love, purpose, and warmth, Leigha invites you into her world with her heartfelt story.   She is certain this message will resonate with you long after the pages of Love Lottery are tucked away.  Leigha is forever thankful, as she has won the Love Lottery more than once!  As Leigha guides her LOVE LOTTERIES into the unknown, she always wants her love to be known, believing we are at our best when we feel loved.  Leigha believes intention and words are the guiding force in life.  Her deep benevolence fuels her creativity; masterfully melding both intention and words.  She proudly presents you a loving, purposeful, and powerful book to be enjoyed for a lifetime. 

May your welcomes and love be abundant throughout this journey of life. 


About the Illustrator

This talented soul displays her art all over her warm and quaint home as well as the homes of many!  This was a new endeavor for Melanie and we are excited to announce this is Melanie's first Children's Book!  Welcome to the world of imagination, creativity, outlets and wonder through the eyes and talents of the incredible Melanie Darling! 


PS... Leigha can't thank you enough for the thoughtful hard work!  She definitely won the Illustrator Lottery with Melanie!

Companion book to Love Lottery:

the power of love...

We are so glad you are here and can't wait to share this book with you and your loves.  Feel free to send us a message, even if it's just a quick hello, or a sweet compliment for my amazing illustrator.  We love all things positive.  If you are interested in a single copy or bulk orders, please fill out a request, and we will get you prices and information.  

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